Bosistos Eucalyptus Oil 50ml

Bosistos Eucalyptus Oil 50ml

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Bosistos Eucalyptus Oil 50ml

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil is a natural product with multiple household and personal uses. It is well-known for helping ease cold and flu symptoms and for relieving arthritic and muscular pain.

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil is wonderful for getting out stubborn stains and grease marks from clothes and carpets. It is excellent in the wash for cleaning and freshening.

Features and benefits

  • For colds & flu and arthritic & muscular pain.
  • A natural cleaner, freshener, disinfectant and deodoriser.
  • Pure fresh natural fragrance of the Australian bush.
  • Premium quality, stronger, lasts longer.
  • Antiseptic: Apply to minor wounds (cuts, scratches)
  • Cold & Flu symptoms: Add 20 drops to steaming hot water and inhale. Massage into chest and back (for children mix with equal parts of olive oil). Sprinkle on handkerchief. Muscular aches and pains: Massage into affected areas
  • Stains, Grease & Tar: Remove by rubbing with oil moistened cloth
  • Woollens, Work Clothes: Add 2 capfuls to clean and freshen wash
  • Cleaning: For floors, kitchens & hard surfaces, add 2 capfuls to water. Gives a sparkling finish, removes bacteria and odours.


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