Clairol Nice & Easy 108 Natural Goldern Auburn

Clairol Nice & Easy 108 Natural Goldern Auburn

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This formula, with exclusive Colour Blend Technology, gives every shade built-in tones and highlights so colour will never be matte or flat. Permanent liquid haircolour with Precision Applicator. Lasts up to 8 weeks. 100% grey coverage. Includes ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss to help seal in beautiful colour and intense shine.


1. PREPARE TO colour - Always remember to do the colour safety check before starting to colour. Put on the Expert colourist Gloves. Tear off and discard tab from the colour Blend Activator applicator bottle, then unscrew the applicator bottle cap. Open colour-blend Formula bottle and pour contents into applicator bottle. Replace applicator bottle cap. Place gloved finger over applicator tip, and shake well until the colour has totally blended and the mixture has thickened. Immediately apply the colour to your hair.

2. Apply colour - Part your hair into small, even sections using the applicator tip. Apply colour first to your roots and stubborn greys. Work through hair from root to tip to ensure full saturation, but don’t rub into the scalp. Leave on for 25 minutes or the time indicated by your Strand Test.

3. Rinse and Gloss - Add a small amount of warm water and massage into a lather. Rinse until water runs clear. Apply the colourSeal Conditioning Gloss to condition and lock in highlights.