Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes 60 Capsules

Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes 60 Capsules

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Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes provides good levels of a broad combination of digestive enzymes necessary to assist digestive processes throughout the digestive tract. It contains a proprietary blend of plant and microbial derived enzymes specifically designed to aid the digestion of nutrient dense meals.

This formula is designed specifically to support digestion for people who eat the typical modern diet, which is high in protein, fat, refined carbohydrates and newly raw food. It contains a proprietary blend of enzymes specifically designed to aid the digestion of these heavier meals. It does not contain HCL from ox bile which is common in some digestive enzymes making it a vegetarian friendly option.

Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of enzymes, but these enzymes are destroyed when the food is processed, canned, or cooked. The modern diet consists of predominantly enzyme deficient cooked foods. Supplementation with enzymes helps to replace those lost in cooking, helps us access the nutrients from our food and enhances the enzymes found in raw foods.

Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes contains a blend of proteolytic, lipolytic and carbohydrolytic enzymes to assist the digestion of protein, fat and carbohydrates.


  • Assists healthy functioning of the digestive tract
  • Assists in the absorption of beneficial nutrients from food
  • Helps promote the proper digestion of fats which is necessary for the absorption of important fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamins D, E, K and A
  • Contains no animal derived enzymes or GE ingredients
  • Contains no artificial colouring or flavouring and is suitable for vegetarians
  • Reduces bloating and gas


Adults: take one capsule with each meal or two capsules if the meal is particularly high in protein and/or fat.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.


  • Each capsule contains:
  • Amylase 12 thousand DU
  • Protease 35 thousand HUT
  • Bromelains 33mg
  • Lipase 600 LipU
  • Papain 20mg
  • Tilactase (lactase) 1 thousand ALU
  • Cellulase 250 CU

Also contains rice bran and hypromellose vegetarian capsule


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