Medi Pak Canvas Hot/Cold Pack Small

Medi Pak Canvas Hot/Cold Pack Small

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Product Description

Medi Pak Canvas Hot/Cold Pack Small 

Medi Ice Pak Canvas is a Hot / cold pack in a canvas bladder used for sports injuries or where hot or cold therapy is required. Can be used direct to skin.

Description and use

Good for minor injuries, headaches and bruises.


Place in freezer or fridge prior to use. Apply as directed on the pack. Can be used hot. Heat as per directions on the pack.

Storage and Disposal

Store in dry cool place or in freezer/fridge in an appropriate sealable container or plastic bag. Clean as per instuctions.


Persons with circulatory problems should seek medical advice prior to use. When using cold, remove if uncomfortable. If using hot, check the temperature is not too hot. Follow heating intructions on the pack.