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Souvenaid is a medical nutrition drink that nutritionally supports memory function in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Souvenaid is available in a once a day, 125ml bottle in both strawberry and vanilla flavours.

Taken once daily, Souvenaid has been shown to have a positive effect in people during the early stages of the disease, by nutritionally supporting the connections in the brain, called synapses.

Fortasyn Connect

Based on more than 10 years of research and development, Souvenaid contains a unique combination of nutrients, called Fortasyn Connect, which provide the nutritional building blocks that are required by people with early Alzheimer's disease.

Unique Nutrition

The unique combination of nutrients in Souvenaid includes omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, uridine monophosphate and choline, together with phospholipids, B vitamins and other nutrients, at levels difficult to achieve from dietary intake alone. Click the button below to see what you would have to eat, on top of your normal diet, to obtain the same levels of nutrients that one 125ml bottle of Souvenaid provides.

How Does Souvenaid Work?

There is a growing body of evidence showing that people with early Alzheimer's disease have low levels of certain nutrients compared to healthy individuals of the same age. These nutrients play an important role in brain health and memory function. Souvenaid has been designed to supply these nutrients to aid the naturally occurring processes in the brain, that are involved in maintaining the brain's integrity. The combination of nutrients is unique, and they work together, so that the effect is greater than when taking them individually.

Souvenaid contains nutrients that occur naturally in food, although the amount of these nutrients would be difficult to achieve through a normal diet. In clinical trials, Souvenaid was shown to have a positive effect in people during the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

How To Take Souvenaid Work?


Souvenaid can be stored in a cool dry place and is stable for 12 months when kept under these conditions.

Once opened, a bottle of Souvenaid should be closed, kept in the fridge and consumed within 24 hours. We recommend drinking an entire bottle of Souvenaid at once to ensure that the correct amount is taken each day.


Souvenaid is ready to drink and can be taken straight from the bottle, through a straw or poured into a glass depending on personal preference.

It tastes best served chilled so we suggest keeping a few bottles in the fridge.

It may help to take Souvenaid at the same time each day. For example: in the morning with breakfast. This should make it easier to remember to take it each day as it will become a habit. Souvenaid should not be heated, frozen or mixed with other drinks.


Souvenaid is designed to be taken once daily. It should be taken under the direction of your healthcare professional.

If the person taking Souvenaid does forget to take it at the usual time, there is no need to wait until the same time the next day to consume it. They should just drink it when they remember or are reminded.

How Safe Is Souvenaid?

Side effects

Souvenaid contains nutrients that are naturally present in food. Results from two clinical studies showed Souvenaid was very well tolerated and had a positive safety profile.

Taking Souvenaid with other Alzheimer's medications

Souvenaid has been tested as an add-on therapy to standard medications for Alzheimer's disease. No adverse events were reported as a result of taking Souvenaid along with these medications.

Taking Souvenaid along with other medications

Many patients who have been involved in clinical trials with Souvenaid were also taking medications for other conditions. The use of Souvenaid in combination with these other medications was not associated with any side effects in these patients.

Souvenaid Information Sheet

List of the key nutrients in 125ml bottle of Souvenaid

EPA* (fish oil) - 300mg 
DHA** (fish oil) - 1200mg 
Phospholipids - 106mg 
Choline - 400mg 
UMP (uridine monophosphate) - 625mg 
Vitamin E - 40mg 
Vitamin C - 80mg 
Selenium - 60µg 
Vitamin B12 - 3µg 
Vitamin B6 - 1mg 
Folic acid - 400µg

Souvenaid is not suitable as a sole source of nutrition and should only be used in addition to normal dietary intake.

Souvenaid contains ingredients obtained from milk, fish and soy.

People who have an allergy to milk protein, fish or soy may not be able to consume Souvenaid.

Souvenaid is not suitable for people with Galactosaemia.

Souvenaid is gluten free. People with Coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity can consume Souvenaid.

Souvenaid is lactose free. People with lactose intolerance can consume Souvenaid.

People with diabetes can consume Souvenaid. However, Souvenaid does contain carbohydrate and as with other foods containing carbohydrate, it is advisable for people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels in consultation with their diabetes medical team.


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difficult to rate as my husband has early alzheimers, which this product may help delay the progression of this terrible disease. (11/10/2013)
difficult to rate experience, research shows that this product may assist to delay the progression of Alzheimers disease. Although expensive, it is worth trying. Current medication that my husband is taking may also be slowing disease progression.
My thanks to your online service for the prompt delivery of the product, this is the fourth time I have ordered it online and it is the first time that I have not had to chase up the order 2-3 weeks after placing it.