5 Tips To Stick To Your Planned Diet...

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5 Tips To Stick To Your Planned Diet...




1. Develop measurable and attainable goals with a time frame in mind.


Goals are a great tool to encourage yourself to keep going and to keep track

of your progress. Although, goals will only be effective if you are able to reach them.

Do not aim to lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks for that event as it will not be achieved

and will let you down.  Make goals progressive that lead up to your ultimate aim.


For example:

• Be able to run 5km's without a break in two weeks

• Fit into  those new shorts in four weeks

• Lose 10 kilos in the next 8 months

• Take part in the local half marathon next year



2. Another way to maintain a diet plan is to remind yourself of your motivation.


Why are you doing this? Having clear factors for motivation is something you can turn to

when you feel like giving up. Motivation comes from a different place for different people.

You may be motivated intrinsically and wish to complete your diet plan for the satisfying

feeling of accomplishment. On the other hand, motivation may come extrinsically to you

by purchasing that new dress you will be able to fit into. Having 3-4 factors of motivation

identified that you can turn to will help you remember why you started in the first place.




3. Be organised!



Organisation is something we all lack at a certain point and lack of organisation is a great

challenge when stickting to a diet plan. Preparing lunch the day before, packing your

workout gear into the car in the morning, or making a list before you go food shopping

are steps of organisation which will prevent you from choosing the unhealthy alternative

whether that be purchasing the unnecessary treat or skipping training.




4. Identify when you are genuinely hungry!


Hunger can be frequently mistaken for boredom which will tempt you to escape your plan.

When you go to make a snack ask yourself if you’re genuinely hungry.

If you are not, go for a walk or continue with something you are working on to burn

some of the energy making you feel bored.



5. Balance is key.


We all have a favourite meal or snack that could reverse all the hard work,

but you are so much more likely to stick to your plan if you treat yourself occasionally.

A diet is supposed to be a lifestyle altercation so if there is something you enjoy and

don't want to let go, remember to balance and enjoy it!




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