It's Time To Quit Smoking... Here's Why.

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It's Time To Quit Smoking... Here's Why.




Tobacco smoke contains 7000 different chemicals.


But frighteningly, 70 of these chemicals are known carcinogens, which cause cancer. No negotiation. Not only are you damaging your own health, but those around you. Passive smoking is not a myth and is compromising the health of your loved ones around you.


These facts are universally known but many continue to smoke every day. The benefits you will experience are sometimes disregarded but the most exciting part of quitting!


  • Lung function will increase.

  • You will have better blood circulation.

  • Shortness of breath will subside.

  • Those yellow stains among your teeth and nails you can't seem to scrub clean? That will also subside!

  • In five years of you beating your habit your risk of stroke will be the same as the non-smoker sitting next to you.

  • A decade after quitting, the risk of developing all those nasty cancers have significantly dropped.


Do you long for the lung capacity and energy to run around with your children or run up those stairs to work when you are running late? Are those stains on your teeth starting to really bother you? Would you like to do everything in your power to drop your risk of numerous diseases and cancers? This can all be achieved by throwing out that packet of cigarettes!


This is all easier said than done and is why Chempro Chemists has the tools to help you drop your habit.




Relieve the unhealthy cravings while saving.

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