Nicabate Clear Patches 21mg 14

Nicabate Clear Patches 21mg 14

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Nicabate Clear Patches 21mg 14

While you're quitting it can be tricky to overcome your cravings. Nicabate 24 Hour Patches can help manage them for you.

They provide a continuous, steady dose of nicotine around the clock, to help you manage your cravings. Waking up with the urge to smoke is one of the predictors of a lapse.


  • To help protect against morning cravings, Patches provide a steady stream of nicotine over 24hours.
  • With nicotine in the adhesive the Patches start delivering Nicotine as soon as the patch is applied. They then keep working for 24 hours to help control your cravings.

Nicabate 24 hour Patches come in three different strengths, to be used as part of the step down programme that gradually helps to wean your body off nicotine while keeping cravings and withdrawal symptoms under control.

Each patch delivers 21mg of nicotine over 24 hours.


Do not smoke whilst using patches.

Use only as directed. Always read the label.

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