Henry Blooms Bio-Fermented Manuka Honey With Lemon 500ml

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Lacking immune support? Henry Blooms Bio-Fermented Manuka Honey and Lemon is packed with an array of nutrients and bio-fermented goodness to ensure gut health and wellbeing. This 99% sugar-free, raw probiotic concentrate is not only free from alcohol, gluten and lactose but it helps support immune health.
Henry Blooms’ delicious, bio-fermented concentrate is not only full of healthy microbes but it contains Manuka Honey and Lemon. The Lemon in Henry Blooms’ vegan-friendly probiotic liquid contains antioxidants to support gut health and wellbeing while the other key ingredient, Manuka honey is known to support digestive health and improve immune function.
Bio-fermented probiotic concentrate Multiply Plus® [Papaya fruit and leaf, Manuka Honey, citric acid, natural flavour (lemon)], glycerol.
Drink 15ml daily. Can also be added to your favourite juice or smoothie.

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