Manicare Daily Nail Hardener 12Ml

Manicare Daily Nail Hardener 12Ml

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Manicare Daily Nail Hardener strengthens & protects thin, soft and weak nails.

Over exposure to harsh chemicals and detergents, immersing hands in water often and a lack of Vitamins and minerals in diet can cause soft thin nails.

The daily formula creates a protective shield that helps nails grow stronger and longer.

Daily Nail Hardener is a gentle hardening solutuion sealing edges of nails for protection against cracking, peeling & splitting.  Results will show withing a week but for best results it can be used on an ongoing basis.

Formaldehyde & Toluene free.

Dry Nail Hardener is an ongoing program that helps restore healthy nails.

The polish creates a protective shield that promotes healthy growth.

It includes an active ingredient called Acetyl Methionine (less concentration than the maximum strength) which is used to harden the nails and increase resisitance to chipping of nail polish.

It also includes essential Amino Acid Derivatives which give strength to the nail.

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