Designer Brands Longwear Lipstick Pink Beige

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Designer Brands Longwear Lipstick Pink Beige

Designer Brands Longwear Lipstick is a long-lasting, non-drying lipstick that applies easily to lips without dragging or pulling. The creamy texture is rich and intense, and the strong colour pigments ensure that your lip colour will last even when eating and drinking, and formulated with vitamin E to moisturise lips, keeping them soft and supple.

  • 1 simple step to long-lasting lipstick! 
  • Counteracts dryness
  • Glides on lips without dragging or pulling
  • Rich, intense texture 
  • Strong colour pigments that last
  • Also contains Vitamin E to boost moisture. 

How To Use It:

  1. Apply DB Lip Liner to the outline of your natural lip line.
  2. Apply 1 - 2 coats of your favourite shade of DB Longwear Lipstick.
  3. Blot lips with a tissue to remove any excess colour.

 Free of talcs, bismuth and parabens.

Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan.


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