Pigeon Calming Soothers 3+ Months Medium

Pigeon Calming Soothers 3+ Months Medium

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Pigeon Calming Soothers 3+ Months Medium

With a scientifically designed teat shape that has been re-engineered to perfectly fit a baby’s mouth, our new range of soothers will calm any bub. Made from the softest class of silicone, it not only reduces the burden on the areas where teeth grow but is also conveniently available in 3 x sizes that develop with your baby.

Small - (0+months):
From newborn, the sucking action is important to both baby’s emotional and oral devlopment. Resembling the shape of a mothers nipple, it supports baby’s natural sucking action. It also helps develop baby’s facial and jaw muscles.

Medium - (3+months):
For when solids have been introduced. This step enables baby to open and close their mouth (similar to when they eat/chew/swallow). This step encourages a smooth weaning process.

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