Ibgstar Blood Glucose Meter

Ibgstar Blood Glucose Meter

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The iBGStar is the newest technology in diabetes management. It plugs straight into your iPhone or iPod which, combined with the FREE diabetes manager app you can download, allows you to record and map your blood glucose levels, track your carbohydrate intake, email your health professional and much more! The iBGStar also works as a stand alone device without an iPhone or iPod.

  • No strip coding
  • Small blood sample size
  • Works as a stand alone device without an iPhone or iPod connection
  • Dynamic Electrochemistry for assured accuracy 

The iBGStar is powered by state-of-the-art dynamic electrochemistry for assured accuracy. Dynamic electrochemistry compensates for many interfering factors that can often distort blood glucose results, helping to ensure accurate and reliable blood glucose readings.

  • Dynamic Electrochemistry sends complex electrical signals into the test strip to identify common sources of error.
  • Multiple measurements are made during the input stimulation period to determine how the overall reaction is evolving.

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