Genteal Hypromellose 3mg/G Moisturising Eye Drops 10ml

Genteal Hypromellose 3mg/G Moisturising Eye Drops 10ml

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GenTeal Moisturising Eye Drops is a lubricant ophthalmic solution for people who experience sensation of dryness, fatigue or discomfort of the eyes due to environmental irritants.


Place one or two drops in the conjunctival sac of each eye (avoid touching eye with dropper tip) and blink several times.


Hypromellose 3 mg/g, sodium perborate 280µg/g as preservative, sodium chloride, boric acid, potassium chloride, diethylenetriamine pentamethylene phosphonic acid, hydrochloric acid and water for injections.


Keep out of reach and sight of children.

If you experience persistent discomfort or irritation, stop using the product and consult your eye care professional.

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