Salin Plus Salt Filter Cartridge

Salin Plus Salt Filter Cartridge

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Salin Plus Salt Filter Cartridge

Your filter cartridge contains 100% natural purified rock salt rich in vital minerals. The ingredients include 98% sodium chloride, with the balance consisting of calcium chloride, magnesium, iodine and sulphur. The salt is exclusively sourced from Europe’s largest salt mine because of its special therapeutic properties, in Slanic Prahova, Romania. Every year thousands of people travel from all over the world to visit a health spa within the mine, which includes 14 salt rooms, providing complementary treatments for a range of respiratory diseases, such as asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, COPD, respiratory allergies, laryngitis, ear infections, sinusitis, snoring, hay fever, nasal congestion, and cystic fibrosis.

At the laboratory where Salin Plus is produced, the salt goes through a purification and crystallization process, over a 1 month period. It is this award winning patented process that enables the fan within the device to disperse a sufficient number of dry salt micro particles (sub 5 micron) which are small enough to travel deep into the lungs as far as the alveoli when inhaled. As the particles are dry, they do not provide any corrosive effect on the environment.

The Salin Plus filter should be replaced every 4 months to maintain its effectiveness. The filter has a shelf life of 2 years .If not in use, store in a cool, dry place in its original packaging.

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