Aroma Patch Mandarin Inhalation Patch 1 Pack

Aroma Patch Mandarin Inhalation Patch 1 Pack

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Have you ever been on a long and windy car ride that leaves you feeling a little ‘dusty’? Have you ever eaten something that didn’t leave you feeling on top of the world? Does travel sickness really ruin your flight?

This is where the Mandarin Aroma Patch steps up and gives you a whiff of soothing, fresh and healing citrus aroma molecules that make you feel fresh and alive. An added bonus of the delicious mandarin scent is that it puts more ‘pep in your step’ and ‘sing in your spring’. It’s a delicious, citrusy aroma that wakes you up and helps you feel energised about the day ahead. It’s really a two for one patch as it calms feelings of nausea as well as refreshes you for what the day might bring. A refreshing spritz for the spirit!

100% pure grade Citrus Reticulatan, calms a funny tummy and has the added bonus of invigorating your day. Tear on open and place it on your upper chest or collar for a citrusy boost!


Aroma Patches are inhalation only. They safely deliver the oil to you via aromatherapy. No essential oils touch the skin due to our occlusive barrier. Each patch lasts for 6-8 hours via a time-release design. The adhesive is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested. We use 100% natural, clinical grade essential oils for therapeutic effect. Shelf life is one year from date of manufacture.

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