Aroma Patch Lavender Inhalation Patch 1 Pack

Aroma Patch Lavender Inhalation Patch 1 Pack

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Are there times in your life when you could use a little boost of emotional support? For instance, before a big exam, a long haul flight or even a difficult conversation. Think of the Lavender Aroma Patch as a ‘calm coach’ in your pocket. Have it on hand for times that you need a whiff of tranquil stillness amidst a storm. 

Simply whip it out and place it on your chest or collar for what feels like a relaxing walk through a blooming field of French Lavender.

100% Lavandula Angustfolia, the Lavender Aroma Patch promotes calm, restful sleep and confidence during times of personal stress.


Aroma Patches are inhalation only. They safely deliver the oil to you via aromatherapy. No essential oils touch the skin due to our occlusive barrier. Each patch lasts for 6-8 hours via a time-release design. The adhesive is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested. We use 100% natural, clinical grade essential oils for therapeutic effect. Shelf life is one year from date of manufacture.

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