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Supports memory, concentration and learning retention

KeenMind aids memory and recall, helps with concentration and attention span. It can also aid mental clarity and learning retention.

Clinical trials have demonstrated that KeenMind:1-5

  • Enhances retention of new information
  • Improves learning rate and memory
  • Has the potential to assist with learning in children

Many people may benefit from taking KeenMind, including:

  • Children and students, to facilitate learning and concentration
  • Mature and elderly individuals, to aid memory and mental performance
  • Those with intellectually demanding jobs or needing to constantly take in high volumes of information, to support memory retention and recall
  • People who are under pressure, where improved ability to focus would be beneficial

KeenMind has been shown to be well tolerated at the recommended dosage, with no clinically relevant side effects, even in children and the elderly.

  • Adults and adolescents 12 years and over: 2 capsules daily with breakfast
  • Children over 7 years: 1 capsule daily with breakfast, or as directed by your healthcare professional
  • KeenMind capsules are best taken with a meal, preferably breakfast.

The benefits of KeenMind may be noticed soon after commencing treatment for some people, while for others the effects may take several weeks to appear. The full benefits can be expected after 90 days of regular administration.


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