Reach Access Flosser Refill 28 Pack

Reach Access Flosser Refill 28 Pack

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Makes Flossing as easy as brushing.  

  • Refill pack 
  • Waxed coated
  • 28 Disposable refill heads

Long, comfortable handle makes it easy to insert between teeth & hard to reach places removing the hidden plaque. 


  • To use
    • Move floss up and down between each tooth 
    • Rinse floss as needed 
    • Replace floss head after every use
  • To remove Floss Head 
    • Place handle on hard surface 
    • Put finger on neck of handle 
    • Press down gently to release floss head 
  • To attach Floss Head
    • With floss facing up, insert handle with REACH® side up through the centre of the head 
    • Align notches and push down to snap into place

Warnings & Precautions:

For adults and children from age 6 and up with adult supervision 

Keep out of reach of children under 6 years. Dentists recommend flossing regularly to help remove more plaque than brushing alone

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