Aveeno Dermexa Fast & Long-Lasting Balm 75ml

Aveeno Dermexa Fast & Long-Lasting Balm 75ml

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Aveeno Dermexa Fast & Long-lasting Balm with triple oat complex + ceramides instantly relieves dry, itchy skin for up to 6 hours. This product is clinically proven to be suitable for eczema prone skin.
The AVEENO® brand has harnessed the soothing power of Natural oatmeal to provide intensive and long-lasting hydration to help relieve and soothe dry, itchy skin. Its Triple Oat Formula contains oat essence, colloidal oatmeal and oat oils to soothe and hydrate skin. It also contains ceramides that help enhance skin's ability to retain moisture and helps strengthen the skin's protective function.
Apply a thin layer at least once a day and massage gently into the skin.
  • Eczema Prone Skin
  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin

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