Rexona Travel Set For Women

Rexona Travel Set For Women

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Rexona Travel Set For Women

With the new on-board liquids, aerosols and gels regulations it can sometimes be confusing packing your bags. With new Travel Minis it's easy. The Travel Minis pack for both men and women, which are in approved clear, zip lock packaging, have been developed to conform to the new aviation security measures for carry-on baggage at International Airports. All your favourite products in just the right size to take on-board with you. Even if you are not travelling these packs are great for the gym bag, overnight bag etc.

The Travel Minis for women pack contains:

  • 35mL Vaseline Intensive Care moisturiser
  • 30g Rexona Cotton Fresh antiperspirant deodorant
  • 50mL SunSilk Super Shine shampoo
  • 50mL SunSilk Super Shine conditioner
  • 50mL Lux Luminous Touch body wash.


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