Desitin Ointment 100G

Desitin Ointment 100G

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Desitin can also provide soothing relief from minor atopic dermatitis, cuts, scrapes, minor skin irritation and sunburn

Specially formulated to contain: Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, rich in natural Vitamin A and D, plus Wool Fat, White Soft Paraffin, Talc... and Zinc Oxide.

Together they effectively seal out wetness and germs so that, in many cases, nappy rash - and other skin irritations - start to disappear in hours



If nappy rash is present or at the first sign of redness, chafing or minor skin irritation, apply desitin ointment three times daily or at each nappy change. To help prevent nappy rash apply desitin ointment at each change especially at bedtime when exposure to wet nappies may be prolonged

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