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CITRACAL 250MG 120 TABLETS contains 250 mg of elemental calcium which may assist in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. 


* Can be taken whenever you want.

Calcium carbonate products need acidic conditions in the stomach to be dissolved and absorbed, so they should be taken with food. But you can take Citracal whenever you want with or without food and even at bedtime on an empty stomach because Citracal doesn?t need as much stomach acid to be absorbed.

* Is well tolerated. 
Calcium supplementation is a long-term therapy and it is important that it should be well tolerated. 

* Is the logical choice if stomach acid is reduced.
As we get older we often produce less stomach acid so Citracal is ideal for the elderly. Some medications and antacids also reduce the amount of acid in the stomach so ask your doctor or pharmacist if Citracal is the best calcium supplement for you. 

* Can be taken in water.
Citracal tablets break up in water, so it is easier to take them if you have difficulty swallowing tablets. Make sure you stir well and drink the entire contents. 

* Can even be taken if you have allergies to dairy products and gluten.
Citracal is gluten free and contains no dairy products, salt, sugar or artificial colouring. 

* Is more easily absorbed.
Calcium citrate is readily absorbed by the body. Therefore, you need less elemental calcium than with calcium carbonate.

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