Demazin Cold Relief Clear Syrup 200ml (+6 Years)

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Demazin Cold Relief Clear Syrup 200ml (+6 Years)

Demazin Syrup is especially formulated for children and adults for the relief of symptoms of colds and allergies, without any artificial colourings.

Demazin Clear provides relief of upper respiratory congestion associated with common cold, nasal allergy, hayfever and sinusitis.Demazin contains a combination of two medicines, an antihistamine and a decongestant. Antihistamines help reduce allergic symptoms such as sneezing, runny or itchy nose, and burning or itchy eyes by preventing the effects of a substance called histamine.Histamine is produced by the body in response to foreign substances which the body is allergic to. Decongestants produce narrowing of blood vessels. This leads to clearing of the stuffy or blocked nose.Demazin can be used in adults and children.

Drug Interactions: Some medicines should not be taken with Demazin Clear. These include: 

  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors, medicines used to treat depression
  • heart or blood pressure medicines
  • antidepressants 
  • medicine to prevent blood clots
  • antacids / kaolin
  • appetite suppressants

These medicines may be affected by Demazin Clear, or may affect how well it works. You may need different amounts of your medicine, or you may need to take different medicines. Your doctor or pharmacist will advise you

Warnings: Demazin Cold Relief Clear may cause drowsiness. Make sure you know how you react to Demazin Clear before you drive a car or operate machinery.


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