Nair Facial Hair Bleach 28g

Nair Facial Hair Bleach 28g

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Nair Facial Hair Bleach 28g

Nair Cream Hair Bleach is a quick and easy way to gently lighten hair on your face and body, so it blends with your natrual skin tone. Nair Cream Hair Bleach acts quickly in as little as 7 minutes and is freshly scented, with no unpleasant ammonia smell. Enriched with Baby Oil and Vitamin E. Nair also moisturises skin, leaving it soft. Plus, its creamy tecture prevents the bleach from flaking and drying. Nair cream Hair Bleach is dermatologist tested

This package contains Nair Cream Bleach Nair Accelerator Powder spatula mixing cup and instruction leaflet

For best results

Tead enclosed directions carefully before using this product

Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people ever after prior use without adverse effect. Therefore, test before each use by appluing Nair on a small patch of skin on the area where hair is to be lightened, Follow directions and wait 24 hrs If skin appears normal proceed with full application.

Store in cool place

Keep out of reach of children

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