Dimetapp Day & Night PE Liquid Capsules 48

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Dimetapp Day & Night Pse Free Liquid Capsules 48

Dimetapp Daytime/Nightime liquid capsules provide a combination of specific day and night formulations in a single pack. The active ingredients in Dimetapp Daytime/Nightime are encapsulated in a liquid capsule form, which is absorbed by your body to provide effective relief of the symptoms of cold and flu.

The day capsules provide non-drowsy, effective relief from:

  • headaches and fever 
  • body aches and pains 
  • sore throat 
  • dry irritating cough

The night capsules provide relief from the major symptoms of cold and flu and also contain an antihistamine to relieve:

  • itchy, watery eyes 
  • runny nose and sneezing 
  • therefore allows a good night’s rest. 



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