Tabu Body Spray 75G

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The house of Dana, known for their classic fragrance, the sensual and shocking Tabu.

Its luscious oriental floral composition starts with fresh citrus and spicy notes. 

The spices in the heart accentuate the beauty of exuberant flowers: jasmine, narcissus, rose and ylang-ylang. 

Warm oriental base includes amber, resins, civet and precious woods - sandal and patchouli.


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Delivery weight: 0.11 kg
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Customer ratings for Tabu Body Spray 75G

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 4.3
Fabulous only body spray I like to use to go to work and makes me feel fresh smelling. (18/07/2017)
Sometimes hard to find locally, so find cheaper interstate on the internet. Also it's nice to sometimes get comments from men on how nice you smell. When you are in your sixties that makes it even more special getting the comments.
I love Tabu great for everday wear & great prices (17/05/2016)
I always get comments on my body spray from friends and work colleagues on how lovely I smell. I tell them it's Tabu and they are shocked because they think it's an expensive scented perfume which is pricey. Tabu has got the expensive scent without the price! Which is why I love it!!
I love Tabu, I've been wearing it for many years. (12/03/2014)
Wondering if this batch is somehow off or out of date, it has a strange smell. Not 100% happy.