Invite Vitamin E Tub 250G

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Invite Vitamin E Tub 250G

Invite Concentrated Vitamin E Cream. High Potency. Ideal for the treatment and management of minor burns, Dry cracked skin, scar tissue, skin rashes, irritations and abrasions. It also assist in promoting cell regeneration in scar tissues, minimising scarring and cell damages. The natural antioxidant and nourishing properties in Vitamin E fight free-radical and helps protect cell membranes, improves skin elasticity and help guard against the visible sign of ageing. Invite E cream provides an effectives topical treatment against dry facial skin, wrinkles and premature ageing. Ideal for the Treatment and Management of: Scar tissue, Stretch marks, Dry cracked skin, Minor burns, Sunburn, Skin irritations and abrasions, Skin rashes, Nappy rash, Invite E also helps protect against premature ageing.


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Cream worth it's weight in gold (14/11/2019)
Being an oldie who suffers from sever plaque psoriasis this cream has been a blessing for me, not all the expensive creams from naturalists etc.could help, Going to the hospital was a dead loss all 6+ years of it I wept so many tears with pain and frustration not to mention the fear that I was going to see my days out like this,then, one day I found out I had run out of prescription creams so looked for something I could use in the interim .Enter- invite vitamin E cream- folk I tell you it was like no other with in a few weeks not only had the pain and burning stopped but my hands healed and my feet are very close to being the same ,
It is understandable that we are not all built alike so what is good for one may not be good for another I should know I have tried so many that folks have tried.
This is a very small price just to pay so give the cream a go For me the cooling and soothing almost straight away made me stick with it.
I am not used to typing so please forgive this old lady and her mistakes, Hopefully there are those among you who feel a big difference.
5 Star (6/11/2019)
I have severe psoriasis and find the treatments are far too expensive as I am a pensioner (I am 79) This cream has brought me nothing but relief in between when I find it difficult to buy the specialists treatment, Thank you for the wonderful service and fast postage.
Definitely recommend cream and store I will shop again