Fefol Iron & Folate Capsules 60

Fefol Iron & Folate Capsules 60

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Fefol Iron & Folate Capsules 60

Boosts Energy during periods of iron deficiency or anaemia. Slowly disintegrating spansule technology-gentle on the stomach.

FEFOL Iron & Folate supplement works efficiently because it uses delayed release spansule technology, consisting of tiny wax coated pellets which release at different stages over several hours. This means more iron is absorbed compared to more commonly used, rapidly integrating tablets quickly.
Because FEFOL capsules contain folic acid, proven to increase metabolic usage of iron, it actively restores iron levels faster than iron alone.
Gently formulated to reduce the likelihood of constipation and nausea, often associated with iron supplementation, FEFOL has fewer gastro intestinal side effects. Suitable for Iron deficient states and women planning pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for post natal recovery.

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