Natures Way Slim Right Skinny Gut 350g

Natures Way Slim Right Skinny Gut 350g

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Natures Way Slim Right Skinny Gut 350g

SkinnyGut Weight loss Shake is the first weight loss shake to contain the latest discovery, weight loss probiotics. It is packed with 10 billion specialist weight loss probiotics, helping you feel slimmer, lighter & less bloated plus it’s protein and fibre rich to help you feel fuller for longer. It has a delicious rich chocolate flavor.

SkinnyGut weight loss Shake, combined with the SlimRight 1,2,3 weight loss program, will help get your metabolism back on the skinny path, lose weight and get the body you want.

Probiotics are now making headlines for their role in metabolism and calorie blocking. These weight loss superstars are thought to help speed up our metabolism and block calories from being stored as fat! SkinnyGut Weight loss Shake contains 10 billion live probiotics including weight loss specialists L.rhamnosus & L.gasseri.

With 20g of clean and lean plant protein and 10g of dietary fibre per serve, SkinnyGut Weight loss Shake helps you feel full between meals stopping those hunger pangs and making it less tempting to eat a sweet treat!

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