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Naturopathica Fatblaster Coconut & Lemon Detox 750ml

Feel lighter, slimmer and rejuvenated in just 2 days! FatBlaster’s Coconut & Lemon Detox 2 Day Plan will help you flush away toxins while reducing the feeling of belly bloat and puffiness.  All in just two days! 750ml.

The health benefits of Coconut, when combined in our Coconut & Lemon Detox 2 Day Plan, can help you get the body you want. FatBlaster’s Coconut & Lemon Detox is also specially formulated with real lemon juice to work synergistically with our super-stacked Coconut Water and Coconut MCT combination to help you feel healthier, lighter, rejuvenated and with lots more energy!

FatBlaster’s Coconut & Lemon Detox is a delicious formulated beverage specially combining the power of Coconut Water and Coconut MCT’s, and provides incredible results as part of our two day coconut detox plan.

For each meal, mix 125ml (half a cup) of Coconut & Lemon Detox concentrate with 125ml (half a cup) cold water, and drink slowly over 2 – 3 hours. 

Day One: Start in the morning replacing breakfast, and also replace lunch and dinner with Coconut & Lemon Detox, mixed as directed. Supplement with at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day (1 – 2 litres).

Repeat on day two. Refer to for more information.

Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Avoid strenuous exercise while on the Coconut Detox 2 Plan.  May contain traces of soy bean and their products.  As with any detox plan, if you have any health concerns or pre-existing conditions, it is advisable to contact your medical practitioner before commencing any detox or exercise program. 

Coconut Water Concentrate (21%), Apple Juice (33.5%), Lemon Juice (4%), Coconut Cream (3.5%), Med. Chain Triglyceride oil (1.5%), Food Acid (296), Vegetable Gum (415), Preservatives (223, 202), Sweetener (955), Emulsifier (322), Flavours (Natural), Natural Colour (160a), Antioxidant (307)

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