Isowhey Complete Banana Smoothie Single Sachet 32g

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Isowhey Complete Banana Smoothie Single Sachet 32g

IsoWhey Complete® is much more than a protein powder; it's a unique formulation that supports healthy fat loss and digestive health; and it's a program that guides you every step of the way with fresh recipes and fitness tips.

IsoWhey Complete® contains the highest grade whey protein that will keep you fuller for longer and maintain muscle mass whilst you lose fat. Plus, added nutrients including 12 vitamins and 11 minerals provide you with balanced nutrition.

IsoWhey Complete® also contains an exclusive blend of three ingredients to support digestive health:

  • Litesse® - a low GI fibre that satisfies the appetite and nourishes probiotics
  • Probiotics - for intestinal balance
  • Digestive enzymes - to keep digestion running on time