Manicare Glam Precision Brow Duo

Manicare Glam Precision Brow Duo

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Manicare Glam Precision Brow Duo

Brow brush duo to style, shape and define brows with precision. Create the perfect brows with this cosmetic brush pack containing two brushes made with synthetic fibres to give you precise application. GD4 SLANTED END BRUSH Slanted tight synthetic bristles to fill in and shape brows for a more defined look. GD5 SPOOLIE BRUSH Tapered head and firm synthetic bristles to groom and diffuse brows and separate lashes.

Use GD4 Slanted End Brush with powder or gel and apply to brows in a sketching motion to achieve hair-like strokes, filling sparse areas with a focus on the arch. Run the GD5 Spoolie Brush through to separate hairs on brows and lashes. Wiggle the spoolie at the root of brow hairs to blur products and create a softer look

Wash in lukewarm, soapy water and allow to dry. Use Manicare Brush Cleaner to quickly sanitise brush in between washes.

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