Cutifilm Plus Waterproof Dressing 10 x 8cm 5 Pack

Cutifilm Plus Waterproof Dressing 10 x 8cm 5 Pack

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Cutifilm Plus is bacteria proof and waterproof.
The thin polyurethane film is coated with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive reducing the risk of an allergic reaction, with a non-woven wound pad and a low adherent wound contact layer. 
The two tab edges allow the dressing to be easily and quickly applied. 
The wound pad is highly absorbent and is low adherent.
  1. Ensure skin surrounding is cleand and dry. remove the upper printed backing paper. apply cutifilm plus hypoallergenic, waterproof dressing ensure wound pad is placed over the wound.
  2. Peel away the remaining printed backing paper and smooth cutifilm plus hypoallergenic waterproof dressing on to ssurrounding skin.
  3. Gently lift a rounded corner of the white tab and peel back the applicator sheet.
  4. If required, lightly push down the dressing to ensure full adhesion.
  5. Change dressings daily, or more often if wound fluid seeps through pad.

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