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Stingose is a first aid treatment that works rapidly to provide safe, effective treatment for the pain, itch and inflammation associated with the stings and bites of most insects and plants.

Stingose is proven to be effective against mosquitoes, ants, wasps, bees, sandflies, sea lice, vines and nettles.
The Unique 4–way Action of Stingose
  1. Provides fast pain relief
  2. Helps calm and soothe the pain, itch and inflammation of stings and bites
  3. Helps prevent further reaction, infection and long-term scarring
  4. Cleans the skin of sunscreen and natural oils to enable better penetration and faster onset of action.
How does Stingose work?
Stingose works differently to most sting and bite treatments on the Australian market. Unlike other mosquito bite and insect bite cream, the active ingredient, aluminium sulfate, acts to denature (inactivate) the venom found in a range of stings and bites.
  • Insects
    • Mosquito bites
    • Ant bites
    • Bee stings
    • Wasp stings
    • Sand fly bites
    • Sea lice bites
  • Plants
    • Vines
    • Stinging nettles
After prompt application to the skin, Stingose relieves pain and minimises the after-effects of inflammation and blistering from stings and bites.
Aluminum sulfate does not interfere with traditional treatments of stings or bites. Any other forms of medication, including anti-venoms, can be used after application of Stingose. In the event of serious stings and bites, or in persons of known allergic response, Stingose is a first-aid treatment only and medical advice should be sought straight away.
Apply Stingose immediately for proven results
  • Stingose is a first aid treatment that is most effective when applied immediately after a bite or sting.
  • Stingose acts on the cause of the bite or sting from insects or plants to quickly minimise the pain, itch and inflammation.

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