Life Space 60 Billion Probiotic Capsules 30

Life Space 60 Billion Probiotic Capsules 30

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The Life Space Broad Spectrum 60 Billion Probiotic is a double strength Probiotic formulation.

Certain types of beneficial bacteria live within the mucosal layer of the intestinal tract, providing protection from invading pathogens while also signalling to the lymphatic tissue that controls the body’s Th1 and Th2 and Th17 immune response.

  • T Helper Cells Type 1  (Th1) conduct an immune response to fight bad bacterial and viral pathogens
  • Th2 is an inflammatory immune response normally directed at foreign microbes. Over active Th2 response however has been linked with allergies such as hayfever and eczema
  • Th17 is an immune response with an original function to fight bad bacteria and fungi(yeast) however excessive populations of Th17 cells can cause damage to tissue.

The Life Space 60 Billion Probiotic formulation is very high in species of beneficial bacteria that are known to enhance the Th1 response, down mediating the Th2 and provide the environment for well regulated populations of Th17 cells.

Double Strength Formula Provides Enhanced Health Benefits.

  • Supports optimal digestive health
  • Supports optimal immune health
  • Supports optimal bowel health
  • Supports optimal intestinal health
  • Supports optimal vaginal health

Naturally Sourced. Comprehensive 10 Strain Probiotic Formulation.


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