Flo Saline Nasal Drops For Babies 15ml

Flo Saline Nasal Drops For Babies 15ml

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Flo Saline Nasal Drops For Babies 15ml

Flo saline nasal drops for babies 15ml
Nasal spray, non-medicated spray for newborn babies and toddlers.

Clears baby's congested nose quickly and gently, spray at any angle.
Babies will try to braethe through their nose even if it's blocked.
Cradle baby in your arms with baby's head tilt back slightly, place nozzle underneath baby's nostril and depress pump to administer dose. Wipe away excess mucus using clean tissue.
Feeding Use 5-10 minutes before feeding to help clear baby's nose and make feeding easier.

Newborn to 12 months 1-2 drops
Over 12 months 2-4 drops

Do not insert nozzle tip into baby's nose as sudden head movement may cause injury.

Do not share dispenser between children as this may spread infection.

Store below 25oc

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