Morlife Chocolate Coffee Beans 125G

Morlife Chocolate Coffee Beans 125G

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Morlife have combined roasted gourmet Arabica coffee beans with rich creamy dark chocolate creating a match made in heaven, guaranteed to send your tastebuds into overdrive. The crunchy taste and rich aroma of the coffee beans paired with premium dark chocolate is sure to appeal to any coffee lover or chocolate addict.Morlife Dark Chocolate Coffee beans are a unique superfood that pack a healthful punch – current research has revealed that both dark chocolate and coffee beans contain high levels of beneficial antioxidants. Not only that, these dark chocolate coffee beans are the ideal ‘mood food’ perfect to get you up and going.


Morlife’s chocolate coated snacks are all gluten free, free from artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives for your guilt-free snacking pleasure.


  • Arabica coffee beans
  •  Gluten free
  •  Free from colours, preservatives and artificial sweeteners

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