Chlorofluor Mouth Rinse 250ml

Chlorofluor Mouth Rinse 250ml

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Chlorofluor Mouth Rinse 250ml

Chlorofluor Mouth Rinse with Fluoride help to prevent and control gum infections and tooth decay. May be used as a throat gargle for minor irritations.


  • Reduces the growth of dental plaque
  • Reduces the discomfort of mouth ulcers
  • Freshens the breath after dental operations
  • Helps to control plaque growth and odour on dentures and orthodontic appliances.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2mg/ml, Sodium Fluoride 33mcg/ml (Fluoride 15ppm), Alcohol 8.9% v/v.


The use of Chlorofluor may cause harmless superficial staining on teeth. Regular use for prolonged periods should be under dental or medical advice.

Chlorofluor is not suitable for young or handicapped children unable to spit out a month rinse or gargle.

Children under 10 years should rinse or gargle with 5ml of solution.


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