Nirvana Himalayan Salt Fine 125G

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A healthier alternative, it contains 84 minerals and trace elements not found in oridinary white refined table salt.

Use this exquisite fine ground salt for all you fine food applications.

Pour into water while cooking pasta and rice.

Sprinkle on to your steamed vegetables or crunchy garden salad.

Also great for medicinal uses, check out the second image for ideas.

Other uses:

makes an anti-bacterial brine when mixed with warm water which is a great gargle for toothaches and other mouth ailments, a soak for irritated peircings or any kind of infections or wounds.

* Totally Natural

* Unrefined

* Wholesome and holistic

* Great tasting

* 84 minerals and trace elements essential to life and good health

* Free from environmental pollution

* Aged 250 million years

* No additives

* Hand mined for crystal protection

* From the Himalayan region of Kalabagh

* PMDC - Government accredited for highest quality

* Ideal for cooking and table use

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