Billie Goat Soap Plain Body Bar 100G

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This is the soap that started it all. The soap first made in the kitchen to help Liam with his eczema. This soap is made from fresh goat's milk, using milk from our own herd of dairy goats. The milk is combined with a selection of skin loving oils, including olive, sweet almond, castor, grape seed and palm oil. There are no colours or fragrances added. This soap is particularly popular with people who have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis. The goat shape is appealing to people of all ages - from children who normally have restricted soap choices to adults who are looking for more than an average bar of soap. Our bars are a minimum 100g mass when manufacturedMin 100g (most are around 130gm).

  • Made using fresh goat’s milk (not powdered)
  • The bar is Australian virgin olive oil and a blend of other essential oils
  • No colour or fragrance 
  • Completely hand made
  • No chemicals
  • Registered Australian Made (NSW Central Coast)
  • Gift box lists ingredients and tells the Billie Goat story
  • Use as a normal soap especially on areas with any sensitivity, redness and eczema. 


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