Combantrin-1 Tablets 2

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Combantrin-1 Tablets 2

Combantrin-1 offers the simplicity of a one-tablet or one single-chocolate square treatment for threadworm, from the Combantrin name you know & trust. 

All it takes is one tablet or square, once only for each member of your family, regardless of body weight. 

  • Combantrin-1 comes in pleasant tasting orange-flavoured tablets which may be chewed or swallowed with fluid & also in tasty chocolate squares. 
  • Combantrin-1 may be used by all members of the family from 2 years of age. 


IMPORTANT: If you wish to treat a child under 2 years of age with Combantrin-1, or are pregnant & wish to treat yourself, please consult your GP for advice. 

Pack Contains 2xAdult Treatments (12 years plus)

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