Ego Resolve Tinea Cream 25G

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This silicone-based cream is a quick and effective treatment for a wide range of fungal conditions. By providing a barrier, Resolve Tinea helps protect the skin from further irritation.

Ego Resolve Tinea Cream is used for the effective treatment for tinea, such as athletes foot, jock itch and ringworm. Also effective for skin infections such as:

  •  Pityriasis versicolor
  • Thrush
  • Thrush infected napkin rash
  • Fungal infections where bacterial infection may be present. 
  • Free of lanolin, propylene glycol, colour, perfume and paraben to suit even sensitive skin types.

Protective silicone cream base helps to protect the skin from:

  • Chafing
  • Water
  • Urine
  • Other irritants


Clean and dry affected area thoroughly. Apply Resolve Cream to the affected and surrounding skin twice daily. Continue treatment for 2 weeks after symptoms disappear to avoid recurrence. Regular application is essential for successful treatment. Cleanse with a soap alternative such as Pinetarsol Gel as soap may irritate the skin

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