Chlorofluor Gel 30ml

Chlorofluor Gel 30ml

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Chlorofluor Gel 30ml


ChloroFluor Mouth Gel is used for the control of minor infections and to ease associated discomfort. It is also indicated as an aid to oral hygiene after oral surgical procedures or jaw fixation.

Chlorhexidine, the active ingredient, helps control plaque and eases localised gingival and oral infections. Fluoride ions present are taken up by tooth structure and help to increase resistance to dental caries.


  • Aids in the treatment of gingivitis and dental plaque
  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Helps reduce discomfort and duration of mouth ulcers


  • Place approximately 1cm on toothbrush, brush thoroughly spit out. 
  • No rinsing for approximately 15 minutes once a day or as directed by your Dentist. 
  • When using a tray system place a small amount of gel in each tooth segment, gently seat tray into mouth.

Active Ingredients

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.2 % w/v, Sodium Fluoride 0.003 % w/v.



Not recommended for people who cannot expectorate.

Avoid contact with eyes.

The use of chlorhexidine gel may cause a harmless superficial staining on teeth. Staining can be removed by using Bright Teeth Gel.

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