Comvita Propolis Oral Spray Extra Strength 20ml

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Comvita Propolis Oral Spray Extra Strength 20ml

A Propolis Throat Spray you can use to get instant relief from an irritated throat. You can also use it as a great natural breath freshener.

With 20% UMF┬«10 manuka honey. Flavoured with peppermint, aniseed, myrrh and menthol.

Propolis is a powerful anaesthetic used to treat sore throats and mouth sores. It aids as a natural antibiotic boosting the immune system, and is very rich in bioflavonoids.

Produced by bees when they collect the natural sap and resin from trees and shrubs, and then combine it with their own enzymes. In nature bees use Propolis to protect their hive, and prevent bacterial infection. It has become known for being Nature's Best Defense.

You get an easy to use spray bottle, containing 20ml of a special blend of pure New Zealand Propolis, Comvita UMF Manuka Honey, and essential oils for oral hygiene and fresh breath.

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