Weleda Baby Care Starter Pack

Weleda Baby Care Starter Pack

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The Baby Care Starter Pack is an ideal gift or as a handy travel pack of essentials for a new mother.

Each pack contains:

Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash, 20ml
Caring calendula gently cleanses delicate skin and makes baby's hair easy to comb. Sweet almond oil prevents dryness and the soft lather doesn't sting baby's eyes.

Calendula Baby Oil, 10ml
A soothing blend of organic almond and sesame oils, plus extracts of organic calendula and chamomile. Ideal for daily skin care, cleansing of the nappy area and a warming baby massage. Assist in treating cradle cap.

Calendula Nappy Change Cream, 10ml
Rich cream with organic calendula and chamomile extracts, sweet almond and sesame oils. Zinc oxide and lanolin provide a barrier against dampness. Gently cares for and protects the nappy area.

Directions for Use:
See individual products for use instructions:

- Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash
- Calendula Baby Oil
- Calendula Nappy Change Cream


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