Reynard Soft Patient Wipes 100 Pk

Reynard Soft Patient Wipes 100 Pk

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Reynard Soft Patient Wipes 100 Pk

Reynard Soft Disposable Patient Wipes are the new and exciting patient wipes. They are one of the softest and strongest wipe on the market and are becoming the preferred option by many healthcare providers, maternity wards, baby stores and new mothers.

  • High quality, non-woven
  • Ultra soft, strong and highly absorbent
  • Chemical and fragrance free
  • Low linting
  • Designed for single use
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Multi-purpose – can be used on skin and surfaces
  • Promotes infection control when disposed
  • Reduces the chance of eczema and nappy rash

Ideal Uses:

  • Hospitals and aged care– face cleaning, bathing, general cleaning
  • Maternity and baby care
  • Hospitality – replacement serviette, disposable handkerchief
  • Beauticians
  • General cleaning

In Home Uses:
Reynard Soft Patient Wipes are disposable and an ideal replacement for flannels, general wash cloths, cleaning cloths.
Also ideal for use on infants and mature fragile skin.  They are one of the softest wipes on the market and do not contain chemicals.
Used widely throughout the hospitals, you can now purchase and continue using at home.

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