Privacy Policy Chempro Chemist Mobile App

Privacy Policy Chempro Chemist Mobile App

Chempro Chemist App Privacy Notice

What is the Chempro Chemists Mobile App?

Chempro Chemists app is a mobile application provided by Chempro Chemist pharmacies.

Chempro Chemists app was built and is operated by Chempro (QLD) Pty Ltd (ABN: 97 104 469 178), (owned by Chempro Chemists) (Chempro Chemists, referred to in this

Privacy Notice as we, us and our) using the GuildCare platform. It enables you to:

• see your prescription history that Chempro Chemists hold about you;

• see your professional services history (such as blood pressure results) that Chempro Chemists holds about you;

• receive information and updates on services relevant to your prescription and professional

services history from Chempro Chemists including advice,

information, alerts, invitations and warnings;

• receive marketing information relevant to your prescription and professional services history

from either your selected pharmacy/ies or from Chempro Chemists; and

• manage your health by:

o telling you about when your next professional service should be completed;

o delivering to you any administrative notices, health alerts and communications relevant to your prescription and professional services history;

o fulfilling your requests for certain products and services;

o enabling you to add nominated health care related service providers into Chempro Chemists as a quick reference functionality;

o providing map/directions functionality to your nominated health care related service providers;

o providing you with a click to call your nominated health care service provider capability;

o providing you with Consumer Medicines Information (CMI);

o providing you with medicines images;

o reminding you to take your medication;

o telling you when you will need to refill your prescription;

o telling you when your prescriptions will expire; and

o giving you important information about your medication.

What personal information is shown on Chempro Chemists App?

Chempro Chemists app only shows you information about you that your Chempro Chemists hold/s about you. Prescription information or professional service information about you held by non-selected pharmacies will not appear in your Chempro Chemists app account.

How does Chempro Chemists App collect information about you?

Pharmacies collect prescription and professional service information (such as results from blood

pressure testing) from you when you give them a prescription to fill, or you ask them to provide a

professional service to you. Pharmacies store this information in Chempro Chemists GuildCare database and the Chempro Chemists app enables you to see this information.

Chempro Chemists app GuildCare database (which is used for Chempro Chemists app) will also hold data about how you use Chempro Chemists app, such as how often you use the Chempro Chemists app and which aspects of Chempro Chemists app you make the most use of.

We will also collect any personal information (including your medical, prescription and professional

service information) that you enter into, or provide via, Chempro Chemists when you use the app. This information will also be stored on Chempro Chemists GuildCare database.

What other information do we collect from you?

Proving your identity

Before allowing you to use Chempro Chemists app, either we (through our online identity verification

process) or your selected pharmacy/ies (in person) will ask you to provide identity information to

ensure Chempro Chemists app can match you to your prescription and/or professional service history. If you don’t provide this identity information, you won’t be able to use Chempro Chemists app. If you sign up in person at a pharmacy, the selected pharmacy will not store the original copies of your identity documents but may keep a note of what identity document you showed to them. If you sign up electronically, we do not keep any record of any identity documents you upload or provide via the

online identity verification process.

Consent to use Chempro Chemists app on another person’s behalf (Share Permissions Functionality)

If you want to use Chempro Chemists app to manage medications on behalf of another person, such as your parent, spouse, sibling or child, you must give the pharmacist that person’s details and show the pharmacist that you either have that person’s consent or the authority to act on their behalf.

If a child, or other related person to you, who is aged 16 or under shares the same Medicare card as

you (Minor), once you register with Chempro Chemists app, it may allow you to also access that Minor’s information held on the GuildCare database. If you do not have the consent of the Minor to access such information, or authority to act on their behalf, then you should not do so.

Other information we collect through Chempro Chemists app and your selected pharmacy/ies also collect:

• your mobile phone number so that it can SMS you an activation code to set up your account;

• your email address so that you can re-set your Chempro Chemists app account password if you need to; and

• your Medicare number to verify your identity and ensure your records match those held on the

Chempro Chemists database.

If you want to use Chempro Chemists app to access information held about you by more than one

pharmacy, each new pharmacy you select will ask you for relevant identification documents in order

to enter into Chempro Chemists GuildCare database. This ensures that Chempro Chemists app matches you correctly to your prescription and professional services information related to each respective pharmacy.

How do we use your personal information?

Chempro Chemists app use your prescription and professional services information for the

purpose of providing you with the Chempro Chemists services outlined above.

Chempro Chemists also uses the information for market research, project planning, troubleshooting, detecting and protecting against error, fraud and other criminal activities, statistical analysis and reporting on trends in pharmacy related service delivery, for analysis and reporting to government on health and health related trends, to evaluate the effectiveness, efficacy and value of myPharmacyLink and for providing commercial services. Chempro Chemists sells reports of aggregated de-identified information about these matters to third parties. The reports do not show information about specific Chempro Chemists app users and will not disclose any personal information about you held by your selected pharmacy/ies or which you enter into Chempro Chemists app.

Chempro Chemists app and the selected pharmacy/ies may use the prescription and professional service information it holds about you to provide you with service-related communications. In addition, Chempro Chemists and the selected pharmacy/ies may also provide you with marketing material which is unrelated to your prescription and professional services. You may opt-out of receiving these marketing materials at any time by following the opt-out prompts in the marketing material. You will still however continue to receive prescription and professional service communications, alerts and/or notifications (that are not marketing related) that are relevant to you.

What we won’t do with your personal information (including disclosures)?

We will NOT:

• store or send any of your prescription information overseas;

• disclose specific prescription or professional services information about you to third parties

unless you give express consent;

• collect information about you other than the prescription and professional service related

information we already hold, or as described in this notice, unless it is directly related to

Chempro Chemists app and you would reasonably expect it or we have your specific consent; or

• collect information about your location through Chempro Chemists app

More privacy information including access and complaints handling

You can get more information about privacy and Chempro Chemists app, including how to get access to and/or correct the information Chempro Chemists app, pharmacies hold about you and

what to do if you have an inquiry or complaint in our privacy policy.

Contact details for Chempro Chemists App

If you have any queries or complaints with regard our collection, use or management of your

personal information, please contact us at:


Address: Unit 1 29 Industrial Ave, Molendinar, QLD 4214

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